Ingridsdotter represents design that expresses a unique dimension of beauty, poetry, and dignity. Every object is selected to have raison d´être; a function that is promised to be fulfilled, shaped and crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring it will never be abandoned but passed on for generations to come.

Founded in 2021 by Christine Ingridsdottter in Stockholm, the brand bears her name to emphasize the importance of taking personal responsibility for conscious decisions with full control and transparency, rooted in deeply held values.

Using Sweden's foremost expertise in high-quality manufacturing that belongs to the most sustainable, environmental and social, in the world and select materials that are traceable, is a commitment. 


Ingridsdotter's first collection includes iconic furniture designed by one of Sweden's most famous and influential interior architects and designers, Jonas Bohlin. The objects were created for interiors belonging to Stockholm's high-profile restaurant scene, such as Riche, Sturehof, Teatergrillen, Restaurant of the City Hall, Taverna Brillo, The Hills and Aira. The collection also includes objects from the monumental exhibition LIV, an all-encompassing work of art by Bohlin, as well as a unique series of cabinets.

Being able to produce and present a treasure trove of designs from one of our era's foremost designers is both a great asset and a responsibility to create opportunities for more people to access these unique objects.

Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we will continue to add more exceptional pieces to the collection, sourced from an exclusive archive and newly designed pieces.

 Foto: Patrik Sundström


Christine Ingridsdotter is a renowned figure in the Swedish fashion and interior design industry. With an impressive background working alongside some of the most talented individuals in the industry, she founded 0046 – the first international showroom in the world dedicated to Swedish lifestyle brands – located at the prestigious 217 rue St Honoré in Paris.

For thirteen years ago Christine and Jonas Bohlin met. Bohlin a renowned Swedish interior architect, in Stockholm introduced her 

to his captivating interior universe. Jonas Bohlin recognized Christine's aesthetic and creative sense, and this marked the beginning of their successful collaboration. They shared the passion and dedication to creating unique and enduring spaces.

Since then, Christine has held the role of overseeing the coloring and textiles for several famous bars and restaurants in Stockholm. These establishments include AG, Luzette, The restaurants of Town Hall, Taverna Brillo, Teatergrillen and bar, Riche, La Colline, The Hills, Aira, Tobak and Sturehof. Working on such prestigious projects has immersed Christine in exclusive interiors.

During the last years she has also been a project manager for the Swedish interior design organization, Interior Cluster Sweden, on the international market, supporting high-quality and sustainable design and production in the industry.

Through her experiences, Christine has come to emphasize the distinction between raison d’être and the contrary. The interiors she has been a part of creating embody values that withstand the test of time. They form universes that beckon people to become part of them. Every detail within these spaces has a commitment between the designer and the craftsmen, and they share the proudness of the result. Design and craft together will create beauty, functionality and an exclusive sense of dignity. The values she embraces.  

In 2021, during the pandemic, Christine launched her own eponymous brand, Ingridsdotter. In a tribute to her heritage and the promise of the future, she chose to adopt her mother’s name for both herself and the brand. Ingrid, an idealistic and nature-loving woman, instilled in her daughter a deep commitment to sustainability and social justice. 

"Perhaps it is my upbringing in the Swedish forest, among the wild, ancient trees, that made me understand the silent, voiceless poetry in true beauty and admire that everything has a function in nature. Nothing exists without a purpose. I want the material, always traceable, to be treated with respect and the people making the pieces to get the recognition they deserve. I want each fiber and flake to hold through better and worse and the object to be so dearly loved that the owner never wants to let it go.” Christine Ingridsdotter.



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